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You’ve already got grit, let’s work on your:



Past Trauma



Mental Health

Life Goals

We recognize that with intentional holistic lifestyle changes, you can improve your mental

and physical health.

According to the CDC, 60% of black women are faced with obesity, heart disease, and

cancer. Furthermore, African American women experience higher rates of chronic stress.

We believe this can – and should - change.

Through being a source of inspiration and information, we will empower you to show up

and do the work. With us you’ll discover that mindfulness and a holistic approach to healthy

living are powerful tools to help you create life of abundance

The MIND Program

Our courses are asynchronous allowing you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, and the ability to revisit the course at will.


Our approach to coaching is holistic. We begin with a full assessment of where you are currently at by examining your belief system. We then co-create and identify the areas in your life you want to grow or strengthen.


WORKSHOPS & EVENTS             

From mindful eating to virtual mediations, our exciting programs of workshops and events is carefully curated to help you on your personal growth journey. 

We Invite You To Cultivate Your 
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