Culture Meets Presence


The story follows Founder & Creator of Melan Mind, Kimberly Peavler, through eight weeks of guided mindfulness meditations for the group.


The group is composed of Black women (30’s – 50’s) from various educational, career, sexual orientation, and relationship statuses. Kimberly reflects on her personal journey to mindfulness, which stems from a root of dis-ease when separated from her mother at age four. 

"Culture Meets Presence” captures an 8-week journey of self-awareness and embodiment of mindfulness-based practices for a small, diverse group of Black women who want to improve mind-body awareness, decrease acute and chronic stress-related symptoms, and integrate mindfulness into daily living. Intentionally highlighting culturally relevant factors that impact the health and livelihood of Black women stemming from trauma associated with the intersectionality of race, gender, and systemic oppression.

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