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So much of Black women’s struggle with dis-eases, from hypertension to diabetes, stems from the traumas that occur at the intersection of race, gender, class, and systemic oppression. The lack of culturally informed healing and stress management practices uniquely designed for Black women exacerbates these struggles. In this film, we explore practices like Kemetic yoga, mindful eating, and thoughtful consumption as antidotes to the stressors Black women face in everyday life. 

Within a community of sisters, the women depicted in Culture Meets Presence will learn to cultivate self-healing through guided mindfulness practices. We request community support in bringing this story of self-healing to a wider audience of Black women who need and deserve wellness, health, joy, and ease in their lives

A discovery of the inner-healing art of restoration and self-awareness for Black women participating in a culturally-informed, mindfulness meditation series.

Based off Melan Mind's 8 week program

Our Team.

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