Are You An Emotional Eater?



About This E-Book

Are you an emotional eater?
In this e-book you will:
-What is emotional eating?
- Why emotional eating is a stressor?
- 5 beneficial ways on how to combat emotional eating

Your Instructor

Kim Peavler

Kim Peavler

I’m a certified life coach, holistic registered nurse and trauma-sensitive mindfulness practitioner. What my career and life’s lessons have taught me is that a balanced mind, body and spirit are what’s needed to create true health and harmony.

But most importantly of all, these things are achievable by everyone. My trauma is no different to yours and out of my desire to overcome stressful events and illnesses in my life, I discovered the power of living holistically and intentionally.

  • Emotional Eater?

    6 ways to combat emotional eating
    • E-Book

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