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Invite Yourself To The Moment

Melan Mind is a global community of black women supporting black women, inclusive of all. Through our extraordinary coaching programs, courses, workshops and events, we spread the power of mindfulness and holistic living to women in the black community.


We recognize the vital mental and physical health benefits that this approach to wellbeing brings. By offering practical tips and advice, and teaching Black women to embody presence, self-compassion and self-care, we arm you with the tools needed to live your authentic story – loud and proud.


We teach how to live life through an inside-out approach. That is, when you heal yourself internally, mentally and spiritually, you heal yourself physically too.




Kimberly Peavler RN, BSN is a candidate for a master’s degree and has 25 years of nursing experience encompassing holistic nursing, coaching, and perioperative services. She is a certified holistic life coach, holistic nurse, and mindfulness practitioner. Kimberly has developed holistic mindfulness programs for healthcare providers and the general public and has presented her work locally. She is the founder of Melan Mind and the creator of the MIND program.


Kimberly is an active member of the Holistic Nursing Association and the National Black Nurses Association. Her career and life’s experiences have taught her that an integrated mind and body are needed to create health and harmony.


She founded Melan Mind to support black women on their path to transforming pain into healing. Nothing is more empowering than seeing yourself through an internal gaze and living a life of self-compassion that’s fully aligned with your values and beliefs.


I invite you to join our Melan Mind community of incredible women who each and every day are learning to change how they respond to stress, who are able to validate their own experiences, and who are discovering that life is best lived in the moment.

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